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Step 2: Confirm Your Hosting Plan


Cheapest 1800 Number Hosting

$10 Entry
Promo Plan

Get In Quick While It Lasts
How It Works

All Calls To Mobile And Landline
Just 7.5c per min.    
No Setup Fee.    
No contracts, cancel any time
with one month's notice.    
All In Real-Time Features - Free
24/7 Online Help Tool Box    
24/7 Live Diversion Changes    
Call Forwarding
Multiple Call Overflow
Voice or Fax To Email
Time Of day Routing
Day Of Week Routing
Call Whisper Alert
Business Intro. Announce
Simultaneous Ringing
Round Robin Ringing
Live Call Reporting
Caller Identification (CLID)
Basic IVR (11 prompts wide)
Auto TopUp And Bpay
Direct Debit (Conditions Apply)
Special Offer Conditions:
1. Only applies to one new 1800 number.
2. Only one Promo Plan per new customer.
3. Excludes existing customers.
4. Excludes in-house transfers .
5. Offer available for up to 3 months, cancel any time.
6. After 3 months 7.5c/min goes to 15c/min.
7. maximun 5 concurrent calls.